Friday, September 23, 2011
How do you make decision in life?

Yesterday was an emotional day for me. Maybe because soon Aunt Flow (quote Giuliana Rancic =D ) is visiting.

Am I that young?

There still some awkward moments when some people ask me this question,

"Dont you think you are still very young to get married?"

And it's not rhetorical because usually it is followed with the kind of look, cynical one.

Most of the time I would joke around bla bla bla but the truth is, when is not that young? What is the suitable age?

My parents got married at the age of 24. My brothers both at 25 and 24. Were they asked the same question like me?

If the intention is curiosity or you know, not cynical, I would be fine with it. But the indirect message implied from the tone, facial expression and body language is I'm itching to get married. GATAL bak kata orang Melayu. And another thing implied was I'm not cool, to be tied with commitment bla bla bla...

Sometimes I do feel like no one is supporting the decision. No one is happy with what I've chosen to be. and this comes even from the closest family members too. and at this moment I'm not that excited and happy but we'll see. Maybe HE has a better plan for me.

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