Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogger has got new layout!!

Today as usual I logged in to blogger. There was a pop out on the right side of the layout informing that blogger has updated a new version. So I clicked to switch to the new layout. and tell you, am loving it!!

Here are some print screens of the layout. Click for larger views =)

This is the main interface of the layout. I didnt realise that I have reached 20k of pageviews. T___T thank you all for visiting. sob sob sob.

This is the overview page. Right away you can see total page views of the day and the whole. Also how many comments have been published, comments awaiting to be moderated and etc.

*pageviews fall rapidly due to raya. and because got no interesting post T__T*

This is the list of post page. There are 2 new functions on the right side of each post which are total page views for the specific post and comments.

annnnddddd this is the page for new post. I was such a noob looking for publish button at the bottom of the page where the button is up there. In orange color summore @.@'

I hope you like the new layout as I do.hehe If you dont like it, there's always at the top right corner where you can click to change to the old interface. Happy blogging!! =))


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